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Author: Alvin Stone

Droughts inconsistently represented across climate models

This study evaluated GCMs for common drought metrics during the past 55 years. It found different models can produce very different simulations of drought, depending on the type of drought and metric analysed. The study points to a need to improve GCMs for droughts to reduce uncertainties in future projections.

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Winter School 2018 Practical instructions

Mini Projects During the week you will be working on mini-projects in groups of 5-6. Each group has a mix of participants from different institutions and with different backgrounds. You will have 9 hours scheduled during the week to work on your projects. The projects have been kept purposely broad. We did this so that you, within your groups, can discuss and decide what your main research question is, and what approach you are going to take to address that question. Two groups will work on each project, this will allows us to discuss and compare the different approaches...

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