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Ben Price

PhD Student


Ben started his PhD with the University of Melbourne in March, 2017. His project focusses on the organisation mechanisms of deep tropical convection. It will involve the analysis of observational data of tropical thunderstorms and the comparison of this data to numerical model output, in an effort to build on our current understanding of how tropical convection becomes organised, and which aspects of these processes modern weather models fail to capture. Prior to his PhD he completed a Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts with Honours in applied mathematics at Monash. This was followed by a Graduate Diploma of Meteorology at the Bureau of Meteorology, which led to a posting as a weather forecaster in Darwin (which he still currently does part time).

THESIS: Organisation of tropical convection

Deep tropical convection plays a significant role in modulating the global climate, primarily through heat and moisture budgets. Due to their coarse resolution, atmospheric models, particularly those which model the global climate, fail to resolve many key physical processes behind the initiation, growth, and maintenance of deep tropical convection. These inherent inaccuracies can be manifest, for example, in the timing, size or intensity of modelled convective events. These local inaccuracies then flow on to effect the modelled atmospheric energy cycle as a whole, thus influencing climate projections. ‚ÄčA deeper understanding of tropical convection and convective organisation will assist in isolating those key physical processes that need to be better represented and resolved in climate models, in order to more accurately predict and better understand future climate scenarios