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Yifei Zhou

PhD Student

Australian National University


Yifei started his PhD at the Australian National University in November, 2016. Before entering ANU, he completed his MSc at Beijing Normal University and BSc at Sichuan University, China. During his masters he worked on modelling and analysing water cycle in Qinghai Lake Basin on the Tibetan plateau. Yifei's work during his PhD focuses on the coupling of water and energy balance.

THESIS: Water and energy balance under a variational environment

Yifei's research mainly focuses on the coupling of water and energy balance. There are several components to this work. Firstly, he intends to use GRACE data to analyse the temporal and spatial pattern of water storage and investigate its role in the water cycle. In addition, the relationship of the water cycle and environment will be explored from the perspective of radiation components based on relevant data. The water and energy relationship is key for researching the effects of climate change on the water cycle and his research will improve our understanding of the environment of Australia and the rest of the world.