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Author: Alvin Stone

COO Report – December 2020

I imagine very few of us will have particularly fond memories of 2020 when we look back on it in a few years. Yet at the same time it’s been a year that has provided opportunities for introspection and reassessment of many aspects of our working lives and how work and life interact.

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CLEX 2020 Annual Workshop

Back in early February 2020 we shortlisted a small handful of workshop venues just outside Melbourne and settled on Ballarat for the 2020 CLEX workshop. Little did we know then how the rest of the year would play out. By mid-year hopes of an in-person workshop for 2020 had to be abandoned.

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Media & Communications Report – December 2020

The past four months have seen a lot of activity with the release of Weathex 2.0, a short video Q&ARC introducing some of our researchers, two combined Centre of Excellence media workshops, and a pilot interview program featuring Christian Jakob that explored the challenges of climate science.

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