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Author: Jenny Rislund

CSIRO02: Analysing long tide gauge records in Australia in conjunction with the 20th Century reanalysis to better understand how extreme events and by association extreme sea level events are changing

Understanding historical changes in extreme sea levels is necessary for the accurate projection of their changes over the next century. This project will look at digitized sea level data, to better understand the causes of extreme sea levels the southern Australian region and how these events vary over the duration of the record.

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UNSW06: change of dryness in australia

Dryness is defined by ratio of accumulated annual rainfall and potential evapotranspiration (PET). Understanding changes in dryness will help stakeholders and policy makers making long-term plans in water management and mitigation/adaptation. In this study, the 50-km resolution climate simulations from the NARCliM outer domain will be used to assess the future changes in dryness.

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