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Author: Jenny Rislund

UNSW04: IF It Rains Does It Pour? Understanding Concomitancy of Mean and Extreme Changes in Global Daily Precipitation

Recent research has shown that mean (raining) and extreme (pouring) changes can align in some regions. This project will use a recently developed long-term global dataset of daily precipitation to answer why, how and where changes in mean frequency and intensity align with changes in extreme frequency and intensity of precipitation.

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UNSW03: Quantifying Urban Climate Injustice in australian Cities

This project aims to quantify the disproportionate exposure to urban heat intensity across major Australian cities. Urban heat stress poses a major risk to the health and wellbeing of urban dwellers. Case studies of individual cities suggest that environmental stressors such as urban heat may be unequally distributed across income groups.

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UNSW02: impact of carbon dioxide removal on the marine carbon cycle

The student will work with climate model output from Earth System Models participating in the sixth round of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP6) to assess how a gradual decrease in atmospheric carbon dioxide impacts carbon uptake and storage in the global ocean. Together with a partner project this project will test the reversibility of carbon emissions in terms of the marine system.

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