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Author: Jenny Rislund

PhD opportunity: The attribution of heatwaves and compound events, UNSW Sydney

Heatwaves have increased in their intensity, frequency and duration. It is now well-established that heatwaves are not stand-alone events, but occur in the presence of other extremes, such as, droughts, extremely high atmospheric pressure, or teleconnections to other atmospheric phenomena. The PhD will undertake a novel examination of the attribution of heatwaves, coincident with other plausible extreme events.

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Research brief: How well can climate models simulate interactions between cool and dry conditions under the current climate?

This paper shows that many models overestimate the interaction between hot and dry conditions in wet regions and therefore overamplify heat extremes. The study points to necessary model improvement to increase confidence in future projections of heat extremes.

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UNSW15: Does the frequency, intensity or duration of heatwaves and droughts affect how people vote in elections?

Using France as a case study, this project aims to create a climatology of heatwaves and droughts to investigate possible connections with voting patterns. The ultimate goal would be to help predict voting patterns in the future and to see whether the techniques could be applied more widely to other countries.

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