Macgeorge Fellowship Lecture, storying climate change

Land-Atmosphere meeting : Carbon, water and energy fluxes in agricultural systems of Australia and New Zealand

James Cleverley (UTS). Topic: Land-Atmosphere Meeting Feb 26th Time: Feb 26, 2020 03:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, SydneyJoin from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: Or iPhone one-tap:  16699006833,491126485# or 16465588656,491126485# Or a H.323/SIP room system: or H323:491126485@  (From Cisco) or H323:  (From Huawei, LifeSize, Polycom) or or (U.S.) Meeting ID: 491126485 Talk Abstract: Cleverly... View Article

Public lecture: Oceans, ice and climate change: An IPCC update

Nathaniel Bindoff (UTas / CLEX) & Jess Melbourne Thomas (CSIRO) Summary: Two Tasmanian authors of the UN report on oceans and climate change discuss the implications for Australia and its surrounds. In September 2019 the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its Special Report on the Oceans and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate... View Article

Sexual Harassment: From Science to Solutions

Carrillo Gantner Theatre Swanston Street, Parkville, Victoria, Australia

Lilia Cortina (University of Melbourne) Women face countless indignities on the job, including sexual harassment. But what do we mean by this term? What actions “count” as sexual harassment, and what might we be missing? Several decades of social science have taken up questions such as these. According to that scholarship, sexual harassment often has... View Article

International Women’s Day 2020 – Women in Collaborative Leadership

Level 7, Lecture Theatre B Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, 305 Grattan St, Parkville, Victoria, Australia

VCCC Monday Lunch Live As we begin a new decade, Australian company boards remain dominated by men, with female representation still sitting at less than 30 per cent. That’s not the case at the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) alliance, where women make up the majority of Board Members and committee chairs. Indeed, most of... View Article

Macgeorge Fellowship Lecture, storying climate change

In this timely public lecture, Dr Susan Crate will explore the transformations required for a sustainable global society. About this Event Fires are burning. Permafrost is thawing. The ocean is rising. Not only is climate change scientifically undeniable, but its effects are being felt by communities worldwide. In times like these, many of us feel... View Article

The predictability of tropical Pacific decadal variability: Insights from attractor reconstruction

Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC) 4th Floor, Matthews Building, UNSW, Kensington, NSW, Australia

Nandini Ramesh (University of California) The decadal-interdecadal variability of the tropical Pacific region has been shown to have wide-ranging impacts on hydroclimate on multiple continents, the rate of global mean sea surface temperature rise, and marine ecosystems. However, the small number of interdecadal shifts that have occurred during the observed period poses a significant challenge... View Article

Land atmosphere meeting: Daniel Goll

Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC) 4th Floor, Matthews Building, UNSW, Kensington, NSW, Australia

Daniel Goll (University of Augsburg):  Phosphorus controls on land carbon uptake Phosphorus is a critical element for all life on Earth, but rarely in abundant supply. As a result, biological processes are often limited by phosphorus which has consequences for greenhouse gas exchanges, food & fibre production as well as (nature-based) negative emission technologies. In... View Article

Recent and ongoing global and regional sea-level change: What, why, and future Implications?

Jaegar 1 Seminar Room Jaegar 1, Mills Rd, ANU, Acton, ACT, Australia

John Church (CCRC/UNSW) Climate change has become one of the most important economic, environmental and social challenges of the 21st century, with sea-level rise a key aspect. Today, the order of 100 million people live within a metre of high tide level, and more people are moving towards the coast in both the developed and... View Article

Tropical variability meeting

Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC) 4th Floor, Matthews Building, UNSW, Kensington, NSW, Australia

Agus Santoso (UNSW). Overview of ENSO book. Sebastian McKenna (UNSW). IOD representation in CMIP models Zoom details: Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: