Seminar: Andrew Glikson – Portents of tipping points in the atmosphere-ocean system

At present, the most important strategy to avert such consequences would be investment in CO2 down-draw measures and the channeling water from flooded to desiccated regions, such as from northern Australia to the Murray-Darling basins

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Climate classrooms: Educational resources for teachers

UNSW Sydney

Are you keen to work with Maths and Science teachers on developing teaching resources linking climate science to the secondary school curriculum? In this workshop, teachers and climate scientists will work together in small groups to develop a lesson plan that teachers can use in their classrooms to teach students how to analyse, interpret and... View Article

Histories: Singapore’s Climate in the Past, Present and Future

National Library Board, Singapore 1 Canning Rise, Singapore

Register here About this event Singapore’s climate is changing. We can expect it to continue evolving in the future with anthropogenic climate change and a changing urban landscape. With more frequent and intense extreme temperature and rainfall events as well as sea-level rise projected in the future, we can expect the environment we live in... View Article

Atlantic Pole to Pole: Climate Science 2 Policy

Zoom link Zoom link, All hubs

Side-Event: Atlantic Pole to Pole: Climate Science 2 Policy The side-event will bring together a true All-Atlantic perspective, pole-to-pole, combining projects supported under the Belém Statement and beyond. The goal is to address the question of "What kind of research priorities should be taken into account in establishing a framework for international collaboration in the... View Article