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Ms Zeya Li

Honours Student

Institute of Marine and Antarctic Science
University of Tasmania


Zeya started her Honors Year at University of Tasmania (UTAS) in July 2017, the aim of her Honors project is to identify the underlying forcing mechanisms of the 2015/16 Tasman Sea MHW and link it back to large-scale climate modes.

THESIS: Large-scale forcing of the 2015/16 Tasman Sea marine heatwave

The aim of Zeya's project is to better understand the forcing mechanisms of the 2015/16 Tasman Sea marine heatwave (MHW) and its links with large-scale climate modes. The 2015/16 Tasman Sea MHW was the longest and most intense MHW that the Tasman Sea experienced on record and had catastrophic effects on regional ecosystem with noteworthy economic ramifications. A relative good understanding about the forcing mechanisms of this MHW event can help people to perfect the whole theoretical system of MHWs, and monitor and forecast MHWs in the Tasman Sea in the future. It has been reported that this event was due primarily to the enhanced East Australian Current (EAC) Extension southward transport. Within this project, Zeya will additionally analyze the large-scale atmospheric and oceanic fields from Bluelink ReANalysis (BRAN).