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Ms Kimberley Reid

PhD student

The University of Melbourne


Kimberley completed her Bachelor of Science in Climate and Weather in 2016 at the University of Melbourne (UoM) followed by a Master of Science in 2018. Kimberley is currently undertaking a PhD, also at UoM.

THESIS: Changes in the Behaviour of Victorian Rainfall Drivers

Cold fronts and cyclones are one of Victoria's major sources of rainfall. Over the past few decades, their storm tracks have been shifting south so fewer are passing over Victoria. This part of my project involves quantifying the effects of these changes on Victorian rainfall with emphasis on spatial differences across the state. This work may help understand and predict future droughts. The other part of my project involves identifying and analysing north-west cloudbands (NWCB). NWCB channel warm, moist tropical air to the extratropics and can interact with fronts and cyclones to produce extreme rainfall.