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Joel Pippard

Honours Student

Climate Change Research Centre
University of New South Wales


Joel started his University career in 2013 studying Advanced Science and Economics at UNSW. After completing the undergraduate part of his degree majoring in Climate Dynamics he is continuing his climate career doing an honours project at UNSW in 2018.

THESIS: How well can we simulate monster East Coast Lows (ECLs) such as the June 2016 ECL?

ECLs are rapidly developing, intense low pressure systems that bring flooding rain, damaging winds and damaging surf to the East Coast of Australia. At the moment, these systems are hard to accurately predict with global or regional forecasting models as models need to be high resolution to simulate the effects. The project is to simulate the June 2016 ECL that affected the entire NSW coastline using a high resolution regional model. Using an array of different parameters, an ensemble will be produced and then compared to observations for this system. Such a model could prove very useful in predicting the development of future ECLs and provide businesses and the public the means to better prepared for the impacts.