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Ms Madelaine Rosevear

PhD Student

The Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS)
University of Tasmania


Ms Madi Rosevear is a UTAS PhD student supported by the Antarctic Gateway Partnership. She is an oceanographer focussing on the polar regions, with a specific interest in the processes that occur when the ocean encounters glacial ice. Madi is passionate about the role of field observations in furthering our understanding of Antarctica, and has taken part in field campaigns through both the Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Programs. Whilst her work is primarily motivated by understanding Antarctica’s response to a changing climate, Madi’s preoccupation with Antarctica is also fed by her love of exploring, and protecting, wilderness areas.

THESIS: How to model melt? A study of ice shelf-ocean interactions through field observation and Large Eddy Simulation

Antarctic Ice Shelves play a key role in the climate system through their influence on the mass budget of the Antarctic Ice Sheet and their interaction with polar water masses, such as Dense Shelf Water, which are key players in the ocean overturning circulation. Madi's topic aims to improve the accuracy of predictions of basal melting of Antarctic Ice Shelves through studying the processes that drive melting with a high resolution numerical model