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James Sweetman

PhD student

Research School of Earth Sciences (RSES)
Australian National University


James began his PhD in oceanography in April 2021 at the Australian National University following his Honours year in 2020. For his Honours, James investigated the energetics of colliding internal waves experimentally at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics laboratory in order to help develop parametrizations for non-linear wave interactions. He completed his undergraduate degree in physics at the University of Wollongong.

THESIS: The influence of ocean internal waves on Antarctic melt rates

Anthropogenic climate change is driving the rapid melting of glaciers causing sea levels to rise. Internal waves interacting with ice sheets may be accelerating this process, but there is not enough information to determine at what magnitude due to the paucity of literature regarding the two subjects. Investigating the dynamics of ice melting from internal waves will thereby help improve the forecasting abilities of ocean models in terms of sea level rise.