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Mr Jon Page

PhD Student

Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC)
The University of New South Wales


Jon completed his BA in Mathematics at Pembroke College, University of Oxford before spending some time working in the IT sector. After spending three months hiking in the USA on sabbatical, he returned to the UK where he earned a Distinction in a MSc in Hydrology and Water Resource Management at Imperial College London. Focussing on environmental hydrology, his dissertation modelled the impact of elevated atmospheric CO2 on hydrological processes in a mature oak forest. His PhD research at UNSW will be similar, this time investigating the response of grasslands to climate change.

THESIS: Lags and legacies: understanding the role of antecedent effects on grassland biomass responses to rising CO2

Grasslands are estimated to cover ~20% of the terrestrial land surface and store ~25% of the world’s soil carbon. Whether grasslands will be substantial carbon sources or sinks in the future is highly uncertain. In order to predict future response of climate extremes, we need to resolve how strong (or not) the terrestrial carbon sink will be, as this will affect the rate of warming and so, climate extremes. This PhD will set out to understand the complicated role of water availability in limiting grassland growth (and so carbon sink potential) in response to climate change