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Preethi Paul

PhD Student

Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC)
The University of New South Wales


Preethi received her Bachelors in Physics from Kerala University, India and Masters in Meteorology from CUSAT, India. She worked on Indian Summer Monsoon Teleconnections to El-Nino Southern Oscillation and Indian Ocean Dipole at IITM, Pune, India, while pursuing her Masters. Preethi was a research student at National Centre for Polar and Ocean Sciences (NCPOR), Goa, for 1 year, working on the Arctic cloud changes and associated warm events. Preethi is now working on the role of tropical clouds in the large scale circulations and how clouds changes as the climate warms.

THESIS: Role of Tropical Clouds in the Large Scale Circulations

The role of clouds in controlling the energy budget of the earth's atmosphere is of more practical value than the warming caused by the doubling of CO2. Slight changes in the cloud cover can have drastic effects on the net radiation. The changes in the clouds and convection patterns with the warming climate is of more importance since it can have huge and immediate effects on the climate leading to further warming or cooling of the atmosphere. Hence understanding how the clouds respond to a warming climate, and its role in the large scale circulation patterns is of considerable importance. Also the changes in the circulation patterns affects the cloud formation as well. This understanding will help us to figure out how the clouds will respond in future, in a warming scenario.