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Catherine Gregory

Honours student

University of Tasmania Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
The University of Tasmania


Catherine completed her BSc in marine science and mathematics at the Australian National University. She is interested in the physical processes of the ocean and how they affect abundance and biodiversity of marine species. Her current research is focused on marine heatwaves and their impacts on fisheries stocks.

THESIS: The effects of marine heatwaves on global fisheries

Marine heatwaves are becoming more frequent and intense due to anthropogenic climate change. The effects of these extreme thermal oceanic events have been linked to devastating consequences to marine ecosystems. An appreciation of how fisheries respond to MHWs may give us a deeper understanding of these outcomes. Understanding past and present extreme events, and their prolonged effects, is the only way to ensure managers have the necessary information to implement strategies focused on harm minimisation into the future. This project aligns with the centres goals as it exemplifies the importance of revolutionizing our capability to predict MHWs and their impacts.