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Fiacre Ryan

Honours student

School of Earth Sciences
University of Melbourne


Fiacre started his honours year in February 2020 after having completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne. He will be exploring a new way of understanding baroclinic development and applying it to the Australian context.

THESIS: Vorticity as a Dynamical Boundary Condition for the Quasi-Geostrophic Equations

The boundary vorticity approach can be applied to a basic Eady model to show its use in diagnosing baroclinic development and to understand the effect of Ekman boundary layers on baroclinic development. Australia’s summertime fronts are marked by unusually deep Ekman boundary layers so this understanding is particularly relevant to Australia and its climate extremes. These cold fronts are responsible for the abrupt end to most heatwaves, creating dangerous bushfire weather and occasionally extreme rainfall events. The accurate forecasting of these fronts is crucial to effective firefighting efforts and emergency warnings across South-East Australia.