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Xiang Yang

Honours student

The Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS)
University of Tasmania


2017-2019 Bachelor of Marine Science at Ocean University of China 2019-2020 Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Science at University of Tasmania 2010-2021 Honours student of University of Tasmania and Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies

THESIS: Physical drivers of biogeochemical variability in the Polar Front meander

The Southern Ocean is a very important carbon sink and plays a key role in regulating climate. However, some studies suggest that the carbon sink capacity of the Southern Ocean is weakening. The Polar Front is an important representative front structure in the Southern Ocean. This is a very dynamic area that generates an active eddy field. Eddies can bring nutrients from deep water to the surface through upwelling and mixing. Therefore, we believe that this area may promote significant phytoplankton blooms. However, since the Southern Ocean is a well-known iron-limited area, the intensity and duration of these blooms and their impact on the biological pumps are difficult to determine. Using data from platforms such as CTDs, TRIAXUS, and satellites, we will try to understand the variability of the biogeochemical properties of the Polar Front meander. This research will improve our understanding of the biogeochemical characteristics of the Polar Front and help us better understand the response of the Southern Ocean to climate change.