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Josh Li

Honours student

Climate Change Research Centre
University of New South Wales


Josh is an undergraduate Mathematics student at UNSW due to graduate in May, 2021. Currently he is working on his honours project on analysing climate models at the Climate Change Research Centre with Professor Steve Sherwood. Previously he has exchanged at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he worked on a research project on a partial differential equation fitting algorithm with Professor Sung Ha Kang and a data mining project at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Josh's research interests include climate modelling, climate change, and machine learning.

THESIS: Developing Diagnostics with Machine Learning for Small-Scale Physics Schemes in Climate Models

The interaction between convection and moisture is an important process to model in order to build accurate climate models. Current climate models have sub-grid processes which we do not entirely understand the effect of. We aim to develop diagnostics and investigate the extent to which information of small-scale behaviour can be gained from large-scale fields. These diagnostics could also then allow us to distinguish between different small-scale physics schemes being used. This will provide insight into which variables are significantly affected by the schemes and if these variables change across different schemes. Furthermore, we aim to use diagnostics to detect if there is convective memory within a system. If this is successful, with these diagnostics we will know which variables are essential to the detection of memory. This research will grow our knowledge about the effect each scheme has when implemented within a climate model and hence increase our knowledge of predicting future climate extremes as well as understanding past and present climates.