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Fadhlil Rizki Muhammad

Masters student

School of Earth Sciences
University of Melbourne


Fadhlil completed his BSc in Applied Meteorology at IPB University, Indonesia, where he investigated the impact of the Madden-Julian Oscillation on extreme rainfall and temperature events in Indonesia and the influence of Indian Ocean Dipole on the equatorial Kelvin and Mixed-Rossby gravity waves. He was a member of the climate team in the G4AW-Spiceup project, which aims to provide low-cost weather predictions for pepper farmers in Indonesia. His research interest is mainly on the impact and dynamics of extreme tropical weather events. Currently, he is pursuing his Master's degree at the University of Melbourne under the supervision of Dr Claire Vincent and Dr Andrew King.

THESIS: Understanding Extreme Rainfall Events over Jakarta

The Maritime Continent (MC) is a unique region dominated by atmospheric variability on many scales and complex interactions between them. Fadhlil's study investigates cold surges and cross-equatorial surges as a major contributing factor to extreme rainfall events in Jakarta. His study aims to better understand the cause and impact of MC weather variability on extreme rainfall. The knowledge gained from the study will help to improve forecasts, understand processes and assess future climate extremes.