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Camilla Crockart

PhD student

The Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS)
University of Tasmania


In October 2020, Camilla started a PhD at the University of Tasmania working on developing records of climate in the southern Indian Ocean using high-resolution ice cores collected from East Antarctica. She has a particular interest in southern African and Australian rainfall variability over the past millennium. In mid-2018, Camilla completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Marine Biology at the University of Western Australia. In mid-2020 she completed a Masters of Marine and Antarctic Science at the University of Tasmania, which involved the preliminary analysis of a new East Antarctic ice core collected from Mount Brown South.

THESIS: Developing palaeoclimate records to interrogate Indian Ocean continent climate coherencies from East Antarctic ice core records

Camilla's project will aid in developing records of climate and climate drivers spanning the past 2,000 years from East Antarctic ice core records (Mount Brown South and Law Dome). These records will help to define natural hydroclimate variability in southern Africa and southern Australia, their broader interactions with other climate modes, and any extreme event coherencies between the two continental region