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Matt Pudig

Honours student

Climate Change Research Centre
University of New South Wales


Matt is in his Honours year of an Advanced Science degree at UNSW, majoring in applied mathematics, with a background in maths and physics. In his Honours thesis, Matt is investigating long term asymmetries in the way the ocean responds to interannual warming and cooling, and how this might be used to improve projections from climate models. Matt hopes to continue his studies in the climate sciences in a PhD following his Honours year.

THESIS: Investigating asymmetries in the response of long term ocean heat uptake to interannual variability in climate models.

Matt's proposed topic seeks to understand asymmetries in the effect of interannual and interdecadal variability of surface warming and cooling on long term trends in ocean heat uptake. Experiments have been performed with interannual, oscillatory warming and cooling perturbations at the ocean surface, and the ocean has shown a net cooling as a result. The principal mechanisms as to why this occurs are still uncertain, and clarifying them is key to our understanding of how variability will affect the future state of the ocean, as well as to improving climate predictions. More, as the magnitude of future climate extremes is intimately linked to the sensitivity of the climate today, a better understanding of the mechanisms at play in the climate system is critical to improving projections of how extreme events are likely to occur in the future. Matt also hopes to relate the asymmetries in ocean heat uptake to the effect of volcanic forcing in climate models, to better improve projections of future climate made from these models