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Manon Sabot

PhD Student

Climate Change Research Centre
University of NSW


Manon has a background in climate physics and land use management. She is interested in how land-atmosphere interactions affect the magnitude, frequency and duration of drought. ​During her PhD, she will examine how the energy, water and carbon balance are interwoven in response to drought.

THESIS: The physics of drought extremes in the 21st century

Extreme disruptive events are critical for informing climate change assessment and for effective land management. Droughts impact the global climate system but far more immediately droughts affect ecosystems and human economic systems. For example, in Australia, the perception that droughts are intensifying and will increase in the future is affecting the capacity of farmers to obtain insurance leading to major Federal government investment in drought assistance (AU$250 million in 2015). Manon's research will examine whether this perception, and consequences for farming, is actually true.