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Ms Dongxia Yang

PhD Student

Monash University


Dongxia earned her Master’s degree in Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Following that, she worked as a meteorological engineer in a satellite data analysis company for a year, developing satellite data products and data assimilating using GSI model. Her PhD research will focus on how tropical sea surface temperatures and extratropical sea surface temperature fronts influence storm track’s variations and corresponding wave-mean flow interactions.

THESIS: Different thermal influence of the ENSO cycle on Northern and Southern Hemisphere storm tracks

Dongxia is primarily interested in storm track variations over mid-latitude oceans and related air-sea interactions. As we know, extratropical storm tracks play a key role in the global atmospheric circulation, as they transport movement, heat and moisture poleward. ​The low-pressure cyclonic storms are often associated with intense precipitation and winds, and therefore their frequency, intensity and paths have a significant effect on weather and climate.