MSc at McGill University, Canada. PhD University of New South Wales (Sydney) & CSIRO (2018).


Ariaan submitted her PhD in 2018, undertaken at UNSW and CSIRO, where she investigated drivers of recent Antarctic sea ice and surface temperature trends in both observations and CMIP5 models. Prior to this, Ariaan completed her MSc at McGill University, Canada, and worked at CSIRO, where her research focussed on understanding drivers of precipitation changes across the Southern Ocean and Australia, and heat waves across Australia. At the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes, Ariaan aims to further our understanding of coupled ocean-atmosphere-sea ice interactions across the Southern Hemisphere mid to high latitudes. She is interested in building upon the findings of her PhD research to place extreme events such as the drastic 2016/17 sea ice decline around Antarctica into a broader context of year-to-year variability, tropical drivers and long-term climate change. Ariaan is also interested in examining high-latitude ocean-sea ice feedbacks to the mid-latitudes.