BSc Hons University of Cape Town (1993) PhD (Climatology) University of Cape Town, South Africa (1999)


Debbie is a Principal Research Scientist at the Bureau of Meteorology focusing on sub-seasonal and seasonal climate prediction. She has more than 20-years of experience in climate science, obtained whilst working at the Bureau of Meteorology, UK Met Office and University of Cape Town. Debbie's expertise and research has focused on various aspects of seasonal prediction  ranging from system development, model evaluation and verification, to post-processing, understanding predictability, and applications. She currently leads the Coupled Modelling Team in the Research Program, which is responsible for developing and delivering a global coupled model capability for weather through to seasonal timescales. Prior to that, she led the team focussing on seasonal forecast applications and the prediction of extremes. Debbie is heavily involved in the progression of the Bureau's seasonal forecast system and products from R&D into operations and services. The forecast system and associated products are widely used throughout Australia by the public and for agricultural and water resource management. Debbie is a committee member of the WMO Working Group on Sub-seasonal to Interdecadal Prediction (WGSIP). She is also a member of the WMO S2S Phase 2 sub-project on "Research to Operations, verification and products".