Since 2008, Moninya has led the oceanography component of NSW- IMOS, Australia's ocean observing programme, along the coast of southeastern Australia. She also leads the regional modelling effort in the East Australian Current (EAC). The primary goal of Moninya's team is to make a major contribution to understanding our coastal oceans. Her team uses a combination of oceanographic observations (in-situ, autonomous and remote sensed observations) and numerical models to understand the dynamics of the EAC System and the impact on biological productivity. They use diverse observational platforms such as current meter and temperature moorings, autonomous underwater gliders, profiling CTDs, HF coastal radar, drifters and boat based measurements. Data is analysed in combination with numerical models to explain fundamental coastal ocean physical dynamics, and to gain an integrated, quantitative understanding of their impacts on coastal ocean bio-geo-chemical processes. Increasingly Moninya is investigating model-data assimilation and predictability in the EAC.