Being raised by the sea, Polina has been always fascinated with its power and dreamt about ocean expeditions. Polina did a bachelor in Oceanology at St Petersburg State University. After a few-year gap and travelling around the world, she completed her master's degree in Atmospheric Sciences (study track: Geophysics of the Hydrosphere) at the University of Helsinki in 2021. Polina's master's thesis focused on a mesoscale subsurface eddy captured with one of the NABOS moorings at the continental slope of the Laptev Sea. Along with her master's, Polina was working as a research trainee at the Operative Oceanography group of the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Her role included analysing ship-borne CTD and autonomous glider data from the Sea of Bothnia to determine the mechanisms of the observed physical processes and improve an understanding of water mass exchange in that region. In 2022, she started a PhD at the ANU under the supervision of Dr Adele Morrison and Prof Andy Hogg. Polina's PhD will focus on the Antarctic Bottom Water formation and pathways using both observations and model data.