Ram comes from a small village in Gujarat, India. His Ph.D. research focussed on physical and biogeochemical oceanography and in particular understanding the role of Southern Ocean eddies in the meridional transport of tracers. After his Ph.D., he was offered a short-term position at IMAS-UTAS as a Marine Heatwave Analyst. In this job, he characterized environmental changes in the Kerguelen Plateau. At Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes (Clex), he will be a part of the Ocean Extremes Research Program, in collaboration with Attribution and Risk Research Program, focussing on development of techniques to quantify the biogeochemical signature of fronts and eddies in the Southern Ocean. Besides research, he likes to read random articles on psychology, spirituality, and technological advent in AI and computational tools. He also plays cricket for a Tasmanian cricket club in HCCA and enjoys biking a lot.