“A climate model is a computer program designed to simulate Earth’s climate to understand and predict its behaviour.”

Royal Meteorological Society

The world’s most amazing climate scientists, expert coders and computer engineers use powerful supercomputers to work together on climate models.

Why? Because our future depends on climate models.

Climate models help us to

Understand the past

Scientists look back over years, decades, centuries and even millennia to help us understand what the future might hold for our planet.

Climate models help us to understand the Earth’s past.

Plan for the future

Climate change is happening.

But climate models empower us to make smart decisions for our future.

Save and improve lives

Extreme weather and climate events are part of our lives all across the world.

As our climate models continue to improve we help communities avoid the worst outcomes of those extremes.

How can I learn more about climate modelling?

Experts at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes have put together information to help you understand climate models and why they’re important. We’ve tailored information for 3 different kinds of people:

Climate model beginner

If you’ve never heard of climate models before – this section is for you.

Good for: Students (non-science backgrounds), interested community members – anyone who is interested and wants to learn more.

Climate model stakeholder

If you know some of the science behind climate models, but want to learn more – this section is for you.

Good for: Students with a background in science, industry, public servants – anyone who might be able to use or learn from climate models.

Climate model expert

If you’re a scientist, coder or engineer with an active knowledge of climate models – this is the section for you.

Good for: Scientists, coders, modellers, high level stakeholders and decision makers. Anyone who wants high level information on developments in climate modelling science.