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Author: Alvin Stone

Research brief: New roadmap aims to quickly integrate real-world data into ecosystem models

An international group of researchers performed a critical review of the information infrastructure that connects ecosystem modelling and measurement efforts. This group has now proposed a roadmap to community cyber-infrastructure development that can reduce the divisions between empirical research and modelling, accelerating the pace of discovery.

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Research brief: The Sensitivity of Atmospheric River Identification

CLEX researchers explore the challenges of identifying atmospheric rivers and find that detecting these events is highly variable according to resolution, and choice of the integrated water vapour transport thresholds. The uncertainties in a single detection method and data parameters may be as large as uncertainties across AR detection methodologies.

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Research brief: IPCC review reveals climate impacts occur at lower temperatures than previously thought.

An international review of IPCC reports since 2001 has found that as the science has improved with each report, a trend has appeared showing climate related impacts like heatwaves, the collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet and coral bleaching are likely to occur at lower global mean temperatures than estimated in earlier reports.

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