CLEX, the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes

The Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes (CLEX) is an international research consortium of five Australian universities and a network of outstanding national and international partner organizations supported by the Australian Research Council.

Climate extremes are the confluence of high impact weather and climate variability. The Centre will improve our understanding of the processes that trigger or enhance extremes and build this understanding into our modelling systems. The improved predictions of climate extremes will help Australia cope with extremes now and in the future.

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Developing and publishing open-source software and my experience with an open peer-review process

Picture: Opening the door. Credit: Harrison Haines (Pexels). by Navid Constantinou I used to code very sloppily… I mean very sloppily. Just consider the file naming conventions I...

Research brief: New Julia package solves geophysical fluid dynamics problems

Picture: This image reveals sediment in the Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana coast. Credit: USGS (Unsplash). GeophysicalFlows.jl: Solvers for geophysical fluid dynamics problems...

800m Simulation of 2017 heatwave – video & transcript Annette Hirsch narrates this video about her research that examines a series of heatwaves over Sydney modelled at down to 800m level of detail. This...

CLEX Seminar Series: Alain Protat New radar-based nowcasting techniques to alert citizens and businesses of imminent high-impact weather. Alain Protat (BoM)

Research briefs

Research brief: Tropical atmosphere’s balancing act breaks down at regional levels

Globally the cooling of the atmosphere by radiation is balanced by its heating from condensation and heat transfer from the Earth's surface. This study is the first to...

Research brief: A building energy demand and urban land surface model

Nine out of ten Australians live in urban areas, where energy use is significantly impacted by variability in local weather and a changing climate. Urban structures and the...

Research brief: Satellite estimations may overcome data-sharing issues for precipitation

Picture: Satellite over the coast. Credit: Spacex Data sharing between countries is restricted when it comes to the exchange of extremes-relevant data often due to concerns...

Research brief: Large scale monsoon circulation impacts Indian Ocean convection

Picture: Above the Indian Ocean. Credit: Imad Boujemaoui Unsplash Convection over the western near-equatorial Indian Ocean is strongly linked to seasonal rainfall over both...

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Heatwaves and cold air outbreaks

Climate variability and teleconnections