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Positions vacant | CLEX

Multiple PhD opportunities – CLEX Monash

The CLEX node at Monash is offering several PhD scholarships on a competitive basis. The scholarships may cover fees and living expenses for 3 years. Generous travel support for PhD students to visit our international partners exists. Some projects may involve other universities, the CSIRO, the Bureau of Meteorology, or one of our international partners.

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PhD Opportunity: Ocean heat recycling during El Niño events

Using novel techniques developed by the supervisory team, the PhD candidate will evaluate the role of diabatic processes in the ENSO cycle, and how they may change in the future, using new observations and state-of-the-art model simulations. This research is critical to improving our ability to project future climate change.

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PhD Opportunity: How complex should a land surface model be to accurately predict extremes?

This project aims to build the simplest model of the terrestrial biosphere that the data can support. The project will combine a data-driven approach with the principles of optimality theory. By delivering a simpler, data- and theory-driven model we will unlock new understanding about climate model behaviour to improve predictions of climate extremes. The student will receive a stipend of 40K per year for four years, as well as up to $10k each year for career development.

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Position vacant: Knowledge brokerage specialist

The Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes is looking for a Knowledge Brokerage Specialist who will assume leadership of the Centre’s knowledge brokerage functions and steer the implementation of its science translation and outreach strategy.

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PhD Opportunity: Latent heat balance dynamics and heatwaves in cities

This project will connect plant water use and stomatal conductance models differentiated by vegetation-soil systems with land surface models to provide new insight into the impacts of the built environment on moisture fluxes that influence heatwave intensity. Then it will investigate the climate impacts of the dynamic response of greenery in extreme heat conditions.

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