Severe weather events are often missed by weather instruments and are difficult to capture. Why? Because weather radar cannot see close to the ground and surface weather stations are sparsely located. Your reports will vastly improve our ability to capture these events and contribute to better understanding.
WeatheX allows you to report the severity, location and timing of hail, wind damage, flooding and tornadoes. You can also capture a photo or add a description of the event. This information will be used by weather and climate researchers, including the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes, Monash University and Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

All reports and photos will remain anonymous and no identifying information is collected. The app also allows you to view the location and time of recent reports across Australia. Zoom, pan and investigate what’s happening locally or on the other side of the country. You will also see your own report on the map immediately after reporting too!

To get started with reporting, download and open the WeatheX app, select the + button on the map and choose a weather type. Please provide a description if possible, or if you need to report a previous event.

WeatheX reports over the last 48 hours. This page is updated every minute.