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Kim Reid's PhD blog | CLEX

What’s in a name?

Kim Reid describes everything you ever wanted to know about atmospheric rivers, and then some. Front, Warm Conveyor Belt, Atmospheric River, Tropical Moisture Exports and Flexible Tubes. Are these phrases describing different phenomenon or are they merely alternative names for same system?

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Enter the Plastisphere

Intergenerational equity was the theme of last weekend. On Friday I attended the Climate Strike in Melbourne. The crowd was massive as people of all ages and all walks of life gathered to tell the leaders of the world that we wanted real action on climate change.

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Music and Intelligence: not a Love Story

Kim Reid takes the release of a new Taylor Swift album as the jump-off point to explore the space in a Venn diagram where music, trash films unfalsifiable hypotheses and spurious correlations intersect.

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The six stages of a null result

It happens to us all, despite our best intentions, a hypothesis doesn’t pan out. Kim Reid outlines the six stages to acceptance and some important medication to help overcome the inevitable depression.

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The Future of Figures

In her first blog Kim Reid looks at a small part of the future of science. Multimedia figures, technology and open access journals may provide a glimpse of what is to come.

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