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¡Hola mundo!

Mi nombre es Denisse Fierro Arcos, soy bióloga marina nacida en Ecuador, pero que adopté a Australia como mi segundo país hace unos años. He trabajado como consultora ambiental e investigadora y he tenido la oportunidad de trabajar en proyectos que se enfocan en una variedad de sistemas y especies marinas en Sudamérica y Australia.

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Hello world

Denisse Fierro Arcos is back in Australia completing her first semester as a PhD student at the University of Tasmania’s Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS). Her project focuses on understanding how fine scale changes in sea ice and ocean conditions affect Southern Ocean marine ecosystems. This is her first blog post.

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Conferences in the time of COVID

This time last year Kim Reid was planning a Euro-adventure where she would attend a summer school in the Swiss Alps, attend EGU, visit Reading and the Met Office and explore some castles on the side. Now she and her supervisor joke that if case numbers stay low, Kim might be able to visit a university in the same city.

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Demonstrating a sovereign climate risk capability

PhD student Charuni Pathmeswaran was invited as a climate scientist to take part in a young professionals’ event organized by the NESP Earth Systems and Climate and Change (ESCC) Hub and jointly hosted by the Actuaries Institute and Engineers Australia.

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What’s in a name?

Kim Reid describes everything you ever wanted to know about atmospheric rivers, and then some. Front, Warm Conveyor Belt, Atmospheric River, Tropical Moisture Exports and Flexible Tubes. Are these phrases describing different phenomenon or are they merely alternative names for same system?

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