This award is offered every year to promote the leadership development amongst our women and other underrepresented groups within CLEX.

The intent of this award is to make a meaningful investment in the careers and professional development of women and other underrepresented groups by addressing some of the key issues that hinder their career progression.  People from other under-represented groups are those who are underrepresented in the general CLEX population, particularly at senior levels, as well as those who experience bias or discrimination in the broader community. Examples include: Aboriginal or Torres Strait islanders, those from an ethnic minority, people with a disability, etc.

The main purpose of this investment is to fund an opportunity that would otherwise be unavailable, which will provide a genuine beneficial outcome on the career of the awardee.  Centre funded postdocs and early-mid career AIs who are women or from under-represented groups are eligible to apply, with up to $10k offered each year.  

The award must be used to fund career development opportunities not usually funded by the centre, or institutions. Examples are:  

  • Leadership development
  • Attendance of conferences/workshops that promote leadership development and/or career enhancement
  • Career mentoring and/or coaching

Funds must be used to support activities that enhance the development of the recipient’s career in the (broadly defined) climate sciences.   The funds must be spent within 18 months of being awarded.

A short report on how the funds have been used, benefits and lessons learned will be required after they have been spent.  

To apply, applicants must submit a brief CV and a statement (max. of 2 pages) on what they would use the funds for and how it would enhance their career development. Applications will be assessed by the CLEX Diversity and Culture committee. Please contact the co-chairs of the committee, Melissa Hart and Stephen Gray, if you have any questions about the fellowship, eligibility, or application process.  

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:  

  1. A convincing statement on how this fellowship will be used to overcome a significant impediment to career advancement;
  2. The impact the investment would have on the awardee;
  3. Scientific merit of the applicant relative to opportunity.

Applications for 2019 are now open, closing Tuesday, April 30. Please send applications to Stephen Gray