Welcome to the second newsletter of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes. Before looking forward I’d like to take a moment to look back on all the wonderful achievements over the seven years of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science and thank all the staff and students who made ARCCSS not only a success but a wonderful place to work. As I’m sure many will agree, the showcase event in Canberra in June was a wonderful testament to the dedication of so many people that led to the success of ARCCSS.

It’s hard to believe that CLEx is now a rambunctious one year old! Planning is under way for a number of upcoming research program workshops as well as the Centre-wide workshop in November.  These workshops are a tremendous opportunity to build both scientific and social connections. I hope the events we run throughout the year are beneficial to you.


Open access repositories for publications

On to a less exciting topic but one that is very important because the centre has a contractual obligation to the ARC: open access repositories for publications. It is a requirement that all publications the Centre produces be made available via a permanent open access repository within 12 months of being published.
An increasing number of journals automatically lower the paywall on papers more than a year old and the DOI provides a direct link. In addition to this, each of our institutions has systems in place to track publications and place copies of papers in institutional repositories. It is important that as a researcher you are familiar with those institutional guidelines.

We are working on a node-by-node high-level guide on how to work with your local open access procedures. In the meantime, please ensure the Centre of Excellence (grant ID CE170100023) is appropriately acknowledged in your paper. And of course, remember to tell us about it via clever