If you are or have been involved in outreach to schools or development of teaching resources for schools, please briefly summarise this in the form below by Thursday 15th Nov. There’s no need to go into detail (the aim is to record the existence and general nature of the activity rather than great detail), but feel free to add web links or references to relevant documents.  Err on the side of including too little information about too many activities (rather than too much information about too few activities!).


This exercise is part of a ClEx-wide “stock take” of the centre’s outreach to schools being done by Ian Macadam as he works towards developing tailored STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) educational resources for schools (one of our centre strategic objectives).  Another part of the stock take is an informal meeting at the ClEx annual workshop (Wednesday 0830-0930 in the reception area of Novotel Wollongong Northbeach).  Please attend if you have been involved in outreach to schools. The format of the meeting will be a “once round the room” where each attendee summarises their school outreach work in a minute.


Please do not hesitate to contact Ian (i.macadam@unsw.edu.au, 02 9385 8688) if you have any questions about this stock take or would like to speak about outreach to schools in more detail.