Two Associate Investigators at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes have been recognised by the 2022 Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science, highlighting the vital role that climate science plays in the health, wellbeing and future of our environment and communities.

Receiving the top honour (The Prime Minister’s Prize for Science) Professor Trevor McDougall AC was recognised for his transformative impact and leadership.

Professor McDougall has had a transformative impact on the study of oceanography and ocean thermodynamics, and in furthering our understanding of the role of the ocean in regulating the Earth’s climate. Professor McDougall is recognised for his discoveries of new ocean mixing processes and his work to redefine the thermodynamic definition of seawater. This has been adopted by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission as the new international standard.  

Meanwhile Dr Adele Morrison was awarded the Malcolm McIntosh Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year for her work improving the prediction of sea level rises.

The Australian National University’s Dr Adele Morrison has received the 2022 Malcolm McIntosh Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year for her innovative modelling of the Southern Ocean.  Her work explains how ocean circulation impacts Earth’s climate system and helps Australia to better prepare for future impacts of climate change.  Adele was recognised for her high-resolution modelling to explore ocean circulation around Antarctica. Her work looks at the rate at which Antarctic ice sheets are melting, which is contributing to rising sea levels. Her work has contributed to reducing the huge uncertainty in predictions of sea level rise.

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes reduces Australia’s economic, social and environmental vulnerability to climate extremes. A collaboration between 5 leading climate science universities, partner organisations and leading researchers, the Centre’s Associate Investigators play a vital role in fostering collaborations and sharing their innovative work with the Centre’s community.

The Centre congratulates Professor Trevor McDougall AC and Dr Adele Morrison for their prizes and thanks them for their contributions to the research community.