The ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science offers a range of graduate and honours opportunities. Outstanding students may receive top-ups above the rates funded via Australian Postgraduate Awards (APAs) from the Centre of Excellence. We will also offer some scholarships for international students.

Scholarships for honours students may be available for outstanding students.  

Generous travel support exists for students to visit our international partners.

Many projects are supervised across universities and also there is an expectation that most projects will be co-supervised by experts from the CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology, or one of our international partners.

Climate System Science is a highly quantitative discipline. Most students who will be taken on through the centre will have: A quantitative honours degree, which might include Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Hydrology, Oceanography, Meteorology, Engineering etc. It might include Biology if you also have Mathematics or computing skills and it might include a range of degrees like Physical Geography, Environmental Science etc again with a reasonable quantitative background. There are always exceptions and you are always welcome to contact us. Almost all Climate System Science requires strong computer science skills. Programming, scripting, management of data sets that may be measured in Petabytes or using Peta-scale computers for analysis and simulation are common in our science and literacy has to be developed in these areas.

The Centre does not usually take new measurements but you are welcome to approach us to discuss exceptions. 

Example projects are listed below. However, we emphasise that you are welcome to approach anyone in the Centre with an idea for a project and – in many cases – the best PhD students should have a sense of what they want to study and we welcome such students.

If you are interested in our opportunities, please complete our Graduate Opportunities Expression of Interest (EOI) below. Note- this EOI will be used to assess if you have the background suitable to undertake graduate studies in climate science, and if you would be competitive for a scholarship. It is not an official application, if your expression of interest is accepted you will still need to apply for admission and scholarship to one of our universities.

For further information about study in the Centre of Excellence please contact our Graduate Director Melissa Hart.