Welcome to the Researcher Development Program in CLEX. “What is the Researcher Development Program” you ask? Well, this program recognises that development does not stop once you submit your PhD, and therefore offers development opportunities for all centre researchers. The program will include fundamental research and communication skills, professional development, mentoring and leadership opportunities and will complement opportunities offered at the nodes.

There will be a particular focus on our newly appointed Centre postdocs. I look forward to working with you all individually to tailor your development needs to match your skills, gaps, and interests. If you want to enhance your visibility and communications skills, let’s get you working with Alvin. If you are wanting an academic career and have no teaching experience, let’s see if we can get you involved in teaching at your node, enrolled in node Learning and Teaching training, or teaching at one of our winter schools. If you are interested in a job in industry after your postdoc, let’s ensure you are engaging with our partner organisations. Essentially, we want to ensure you are perfectly placed to move onto your ideal position post CLEX.

Within the Researcher Development program is our Graduate Program, which will build on the program from ARCCSS. The Grad program recognises that climate science students come from a variety of undergraduate backgrounds, and come to us with a varying range of skills and knowledge. Therefore, components of the Program can be tailored to individual student needs, offers important breadth and depth of climate science knowledge, and ensures you have all the support and opportunities you need to succeed in your chosen path post-PhD. Our first CLEX badged event in our annual winter school. This year the winter school will focus on breadth of knowledge and will look at Climate Extremes and High Impact Weather. All opportunities are available to students and researchers from both ARCCSS and CLEX.

In short, my role is to ensure our researchers are equipped with the capacity required to take on the research challenges of the future. I also act as a point of contact, advisor and advocate for all Centre students and ECRs. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions, suggestions, or simply want to chat.