Led by Prof Neil Holbrook

During the past decades, Marine HeatWaves (MHWs) have been a growing threat for ecosystems and can negatively impact the fishery economy. The CLEX MHW group meets monthly to share and discuss recent scientific progress on MHW around Australia and globally.

MHW Meeting

Meetings occur alternatively during the first Tuesday or Friday of each month, to accommodate people being unable to join on one of those days. Time of the meetings are set to 11:30am AEST and last an hour. Meetings reminders (including zoom meetings details) and agenda are sent to the group email list (clex-heatwaves-marine@list.unsw.edu.au). Extra information about past meetings or important information related to MHWs are also shared occasionally to the group email list.

Agenda of meetings:

  • Node update on recent progress (1-2 slides; one node each month)
  • One or two speakers share some recent MHW related work (10-15min + discussion)
  • Recent news and papers about MHWs (including conference/workshops)

To join the group or volunteer to talk and share your research in the meetings, please contact one of the two meeting organisers:

From students to senior researchers, everyone is welcome to participate to our meetings. These are informal meetings, presenters can decide to show a few plots and discuss on the way forward. They are a perfect opportunity to share new insight and receive valuable feedback.

Upcoming meetings presenters:

  • Tuesday June 2nd 2020: Zeya Li (UTAS) “Remote forcing of Tasman Sea marine heatwaves”
  • July 2020 (date TBD): Maxime Marin (UTAS-CSIRO)
  • August 2020 (date TBD): Claire Spillman (BoM) “Seasonal prediction of MHWs”
  • September 2020 (date TBD): Neil Holbrook (UTAS)
  • October 2020 (date TBD):
  • November 2020 (date TBD): Sofia Darmaraki (Dalhousie University)
  • December 2020 (date TBD):