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Chen-shuo Fan

PhD Student

School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment
Monash University


Chen-shuo started his PhD at The School of Earth Atmosphere & Environment, Monash in February 2019. His research interests include large-scale climate dynamic, climate change and simple climate model development. He obtained his master’s degree in atmospheric science from National Central University, Taiwan. His master’s thesis mainly focused on using climate diagnostic and statistic methods to analyse rainfall variation in the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean.

THESIS: Tropical Circulation Changes Under Global Warming

Under global warming scenario, number of large-scale tropical circulation changes have been simulated by IPCC models and observed in the real world. Chen-shuo aims to understand these large-scale circulation changes based on simple physical considerations, and ultimately build the physical process of tropical circulation into the GREB (Globally Resolved Energy Balance) model. Once this platform is improved, it will be helpful for finding out more missing puzzles about tropical circulation changes by verifying and developing hypotheses on this simple climate model.