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Davide Marchegiani

PhD Student

School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment
Monash University


Davide Marchegiani was born in Rome in 1992. In 2017 he completed his Master's course in Environmental Engineering at Sapienza University of Rome, with a thesis mainly focusing on the prediction of rainfall extremes through a NHMM statistical model. In 2018 he worked as a research scholar at Sapienza, on the retrieval of soil moisture from satellite images. Starting from March 2019 he is a PhD Candidate at Monash University, under the supervision of A. Prof. Dietmar Dommenget, with a project on geo-engineering approaches to climate change using the GREB climate model. Like one of his friends usually says: "Reason is nothing without passion".

THESIS: Geo-engineering approaches to climate change with the GREB climate model

The main purpose of my PhD is to investigate and apply geo-engineering to modify the present climate, which trends are leading towards the increase of temperatures by 3°C above pre-industrial levels.