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Phuong Loan Nguyen

PhD Student

Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC)
The University of New South Wales


I graduated with a degree in Environmental Science from Vietnam National Univeristy-University of Science and then continued my master degree in Climate Change at Climate Change Research Lab (CCRL) in Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH, South Korea). I'm interested in climate extreme and hydrology, particularly drought and precipitation extreme. My current research related to global assessment of climate variability and drought characteristics.

THESIS: The sub-daily precipitation extreme: the past and future change in its characteristics

Since heavy precipitation events are responsible for recent costly and damaging rainfall-derived floods in many parts of the world, research on sub-daily precipitation extremes, which are closely associated with flash flooding has been gained more attentions in recent years. However, global assessments on short-duration extremes on long time scales do not exist. The aim of this research will therefore be several-fold and will aim to address the remaining questions related to sub-daily precipitation extremes.