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Ms Julia Neme


University of New South Wales


Julia graduated from the University of Buenos Aires with a Licenciatura in Oceanography degree in 2019 and a thesis work analyzing the relationship of the surface velocity of the Brazil current and the surface winds over the South Atlantic ocean. During her degree she had the opportunity to travel to the University of California under a Fulbright scholarship which made her realize that international collaboration is extremely important and ultimately led to her pursue of a PhD scholarship at the University of New South Wales.

THESIS: Warm water intrusions and ice melt at the Antarctic margin

Antarctic ice-sheet melt has the potential to significantly raise global sea-level over the next few decades and beyond, having a direct impact on society and the environment worldwide. What is more, melting ice alters the salinity of waters surrounding Antarctica, which has a substantial impact on the global thermohaline circulation, a major driver of heat transport and the cycling of nutrients in the ocean. However, the precise mechanisms by which warming occurs around the Antarctic margin are not fully understood despite its climatic relevance, due to the experimental difficulty of taking sufficient observations in this region and because many climate models lack the necessary resolution to resolve fine-scale processes. Understanding these mechanisms will thus greatly improve predictions of future sea level rise and Antarctic ice melt, something of vital importance to understanding the impacts of climate change.