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Hannah Dawson

PhD student

Climate Change Research Centre
University of New South Wales


Hannah completed her BSc in Geology at the University of Western Australia in 2013 before graduating with a Master’s of Professional Engineering (Environmental) in 2016. Hannah’s master’s research was completed with the Institute for Marine and Antarctic studies in Hobart and focussed on the physical and biological characteristics of Southern Ocean mesoscale eddies. Hannah started her PhD with UNSW in March 2020 after working as a consultant environmental engineer for three years. Her research interests include physical and biological oceanography, climate-ocean interactions, Antarctic coastal circulation and ice shelf melting. Her research is currently focussed on Antarctic shelf circulation and connectivity using Lagrangian particle tracking techniques.

THESIS: Antarctic shelf circulation and the impact of meltwater at the Antarctic margin

Melting of Antarctic ice sheets due to global warming will have a profound impact on both society and the environment. As such, there is a pressing need to better understand the potential impacts of this meltwater on global sea level and ocean circulation, and to improve predictions of future melt from Antarctica’s ice-sheets and shelves. My research aims to use high resolution ocean-ice models to address questions regarding Antarctic ocean circulation and the impact of increased meltwater on regional and global circulation as well as Southern Ocean biogeochemistry. Results from my research will contribute to better understanding future impacts of increased meltwater in polar regions and will assist in improving our ability to predict future climate extremes.