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Elizabeth Thomas

Honours student

Research School of Earth Sciences (RSES)
Australian National University


Elizabeth undertook her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science at the University of Adelaide in 2016. From there she travelled and worked in various National Parks around the world, her favourite being Banff National Park in Alberta. This instilled a deep and profound love for the environment- one she wishes to protect. Elizabeth now considers herself lucky to be studying an honours under Nerilie Abram at the Australian National University where she is researching corals from the eastern Indian Ocean, using the proxies SrCa and δ18O to reconstruct the climate from the 1600s

THESIS: Reconstructing climate variability in the eastern Indian Ocean

Elizabeth is studying corals dated from the 1600s, from the eastern Indian Ocean. Reconstructing the climate from these corals, helps to understand what the climate was like pre-industrial warming. It will also help to understand the natural variability of the eastern Indian Ocean so we can better predict how it will change against a warming background.